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Train the Trainer

This course is aimed at individuals who currently have a training and/or development function as part of their overall role within the organisation. The course will help people to understand what being a trainer entails and will cover key principles and skills needed in providing training to adults within a work context. The course will draw upon good practice models and theories of adult learning and group work and will guide participants in developing an inclusive, anti-discriminatory style of training.

· Role of the trainer: designing, delivering and evaluating courses
· Principles of adult learning, learning styles and course design
· Working in groups and how this impacts on behaviour
· Skills and personal qualities required of the trainer
· Good interpersonal skills,
· Non-judgemental attitude
· Imparting knowledge
· Giving and receiving feedback
· Professionalism
· Non-verbal communication, body language/self-presentation
· Presentation/course activity and peer feedback
· Managing conflict in training situations
· Anti-discriminatory practice; being inclusive in design and delivery

The course will be active and highly participative. Alongside inputs from the facilitator, the participants will be actively involved in taking part in small and large group activities, and discussions. An important feature of the course is the opportunity to practice the skills of presenting/delivering and to receive feedback. The delegates will be encouraged to learn about training from their experience of this course as well as other courses they have attended.

· Utilise the learning process to provide more effective training
· Understand group dynamics affecting training delivery
· To learn and practice a range of training delivery methods
· To develop a course outline

Those wishing to understand and improve their skills in training, presentation and facilitating groups within a work context. This course is more relevant if the participant has responsibility for developing staff in group situations.


The delegates will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

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