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Communication & Feedback Skills

In the workplace, it is common nowadays for professionals from various fields employ models of peer support and feedback in order to assist staff in sharing good practice and supporting each other's development. Though in no way meant to replace more formal managerial supervision and guidance, feedback from peers can give one insight into one's behaviour, performance and impact on others. Though there is the possibility of conflict, if the process is managed well, with clear expectations and shared commitment from all parties, peer feedback can provide an invaluable source of learning for most staff. This is a practice-based course, where delegates will have an opportunity to explore the use of varying communication skills which underpin honest, insightful and enriching communication between peers. The course will draw on skills and models used in action learning transformative mediation, and peer supervision practice.

· Verbal and nonverbal communication and congruence
· Developing non-judgemental attitude and valuing another's perspective
· Ground rules for peers engaged in shared learning and development
· Giving and receiving feedback
· Strategies for approaching 'honest' communication
· Managing conflict and disagreements through communication

· Understand the various skills and attitudes for peer learning and feedback models
· Describe the benefits of constructive communication and detrimental effect of negative communication and attitudes including the impact of micro-communication
· Practice giving and receiving constructive feedback
· Explore conflict resolution models
· Ways to improve self-awareness and impact on others

Anyone who is required to engage in peer-led supervision, feedback and performance management.

Delegates will be required to complete a pre-course writing activity to aid them in reflecting on their learning needs. It is also expected that delegates will have a basic understanding of the use and benefits of good communication.

Upon completion of the course, the delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Listening Skills