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Introduction to Understanding Suicide (1/2 Day AM)


Suicidal distress is a complex phenomenon that exists along a continuum ranging from feelings and thoughts of death, through to active planning and suicidal acts that can end life. This introductory half-day course, aimed toward staff and managers who may support suicidal people and will raise awareness of the causes and risk factors for suicide, possible early warning signs to look out for, how to talk with a suicidal person in a supportive way, how to make a brief assessment of risk and decide on a course of action. The support needs of staff and others who may be affected by suicide will also be addressed.

· What is meant by suicidal behaviour?
· A continuum of suicidal distress
· What is parasuicide?
· Suicide trends and some statistics
· Risk factors for suicide
· Some of the possible causes of suicidal distress
· Basic principles for supporting a suicidal person
· What is the best way to communicate with someone who is suicidal?
· Common concerns when talking to suicidal people
· Useful questions to ask
· How to make a brief assessment of risk?
· How to decide on a plan of action?
· The importance of joint working and information sharing
· The support needs of those affected by suicide including staff
· Resources for suicide awareness and support

The trainer will use a variety of learning methods to both inform and engage delegates in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere, including PowerPoint presentation, flipchart work, group discussions and small group work.

By the end of this ½ day course attendees should be able to:
· Define what is meant by suicidal behaviour
· Identify some of the common risk factors for suicide
· Identify some possible warning signs of suicidal distress
· Describe the basic elements of a suicide risk assessment
· Identify a simple plan of action for the safe and supportive management of a suicidal person
· Identify the possible support needs of those affected by suicide

Frontline staff and managers who come into contact with clients who are at risk of or who have a history of suicidal behaviour and want to develop a better understanding of it.


Upon completion of the course, the delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

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