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Disability & Employment (1/2 day)

Disability and employment

½ day (3hrs)

Course overview:
It is recognised that people with disabilities are under-represented in the work force. Despite legal protection under the Equality Act 2010, people with disabilities often face discrimination and prejudice. It is essential that anyone who employs someone with a disability, or who supports people into work, is aware of the barriers for people with disabilities and understands the legal responsibilities under the Act.

Course content:
· The public image of disability and the impact that may have on individuals
· Different types of disability and possible barriers to employment
· The Equality Act 2010 and how it relates to employment
· What constitutes a reasonable adjustment in the workplace
· Access to Work

Methods of delivery:
The course uses a range of training methods to provide variety and engagement including: trainer presentation, PowerPoint presentations, flipchart work, group work and discussion, case studies and practical exercises. Delegates will be encouraged to share their own experiences and perspectives throughout. The training is supported by comprehensive learner notes.

By the end of this course participants should:
o Be aware of different types of disability and some disability stereotypes that may have an impact on the individual
o Be aware of barriers to employment faced by people with disabilities
o Understand key points from Equality Act 2010 and what is meant by 'reasonable adjustments'
o Understand the importance of effective communication with people with disabilities

Anyone who may employ people with disabilities, or supports people with disabilities into work.


Upon completion of the course, the delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Equality & Diversity