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Constructive Conversations for Managers


Having difficult conversations can be stressful yet it is an inevitable part of effective management. This 1-day course utilises best practice and develops awareness of the blocks and barriers managers and team leaders may face when having a difficult conversation with an employee. It aims to equip managers and team leaders with core competencies they require in order to conduct constructive conversations with their employees enabling them to improve their performance, motivate them to achieve more, and to build teamwork. The course will demonstrate the use of appropriate listening and questioning techniques and to give constructive feedback to help the individual see the impact of their actions or behaviours.

· The effects of allowing difficult employee behaviours
· Constructive Conversation scenarios (identification of the conversation required)
· The Push Pull Model
· The importance of perception and preconceived ideas.
· The skills required to conduct a Constructive Conversation
· Common difficult conversation mistakes
· Delivering effective feedback and the various models in use
· Agreeing the way forward
· Rehearsing constructive or difficult conversations
· Agreed Action Plan

The trainer uses a variety of PowerPoint presentation, flipchart work, discussion and group work to ensure that all course objectives are met, while providing a safe, open forum for delegates to exchange views and best practices, in line with the appropriate company policy. There will be practical elements within the course in which participants can rehearse constructive or difficult conversations that they anticipate having.

· To know how to secure improvements as part of your regular performance management and managerial role
· To know how to ensure effective leadership at all levels that monitors quality of care and challenges complacency
· To know how to identify staff who are underperforming and manage challenging attitudes
· To know how to develop a strategic approach to problem behaviour and difficult conversations using conflict management principles and empathetic listening
· To know how to encourage a collaborative approach to improving care standards using questioning skills that engage staff in a constructive, coaching conversation
· To know how to reinvigorate demotivated staff by understanding their motivations and providing counselling to renew their enthusiasm
· To know how to develop the skills to move to more assertive management if formal procedures are required and be able to form contracts for improvement
· To know how to ensure constructive solutions are maximised

Managers who wish to refresh or enhance their skills; those about to move into management; anyone who is currently in a supervisory role.

Delegates are required to bring writing paper and a pen to the course and come prepared to share scenarios in which they have or anticipate having a constructive conversation.

Upon completion of the course, the delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.