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Radicalisation (Extremism) 1/2 day AM

Duration: ½ day

Course overview:
Following the publication of The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 there is a duty on all schools and health to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. This duty includes training staff to recognise radicalisation and extremism and know how to report any concerns.

Ofsted & Public Health now judge whether schools / health practitioners are safeguarding children from extremism and radicalisation. This includes the success of schools/hospitals to address such issues.

This session will provide you with an understanding of radicalisation and extremism and the dangers to extremist views, building resilience against these and knowing what to do if you experience them.

Course content:
· Definition of Radicalisation
· Prevent Duty
· Risk Indicators
· Signs/ Behaviours
· Case studies

Methods of delivery:
Attendees are provided with course handouts for use on the day and for future reference. The trainer uses a variety of visual presentation, flipchart work, plenary discussion and subgroup work to ensure that all course objectives are met, while providing a safe, open forum for delegates to exchange views and practices.

Learning outcomes:
By attending this session you will:

· gain an understanding of "Prevent" and the definitions of radicalisation
· recognise factors that could make someone vulnerable to terrorism
· see why some people are able to influence and manipulate others
· recognise when a vulnerable individual may need help
· understand how to access help and support
· explore group case studies
· lets talk about it with young people - a look at working with students

Target audience:
Education (both teachers and students) Social Care, Health, Police, Voluntary Sector etc.

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