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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) 1/2 day PM

Duration: ½ day

Course overview:
CSE is a high profile issue at present as can be seen from publication of the recent Serious Case Reviews from Rotherham and Oxford. All staff should be aware of the potential for children to be sexually exploited and the underlying reasons for behaviour changes in children.

To provide practitioners the opportunity to explore CSE in a multi-agency training or in-house environment, to further allow them to gain understanding and advance their skills in identifying and protecting children at risk or who are a risk or have been subjected to CSE.

Course content:
· Explore attitudes and beliefs around CSE, including definitions and legislation
· Identify potential risk factors of CSE
· To explore the grooming processes used; the different models of CSE; CONSENT & how media impacts on the grooming processes
· To understand the impact and consequences of CSE for children and their families
· To complete risk assessment and referral process to safeguard children and young people form CSE
· Increasing young people's awareness of environments to identify risk and talk about safety - what would they do and how would they keep themselves safe

Methods of delivery:
Majority of this course is interactive with very little PowerPoint Presentation.
Quiz, Group Work, Group Discussion. DVD "My Dangerous Loverboy or "Sick Party", real case studies, Individual work (risk assessment).

· Understand our own attitudes / beliefs and understand the definitions / legislation
· Understand the risk factors of CSE - why children could be exploited
· Understand the grooming process and identify as indicators how a child could be behaving /acting and the different models of exploitation
· Gain an understanding of the impact of CSE on the children / families
· To complete risk assessment and identify the risk levels, from low, medium to high and identify early interventions
· Working with young people to raise awareness of CSE and building "Healthy Relationships"

Education (both teachers and students) Social Care, Health, Police, Voluntary Sector etc.

Read and gain an understanding of the risk assessment tool.

Upon completion of the course, the delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

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