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Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders

Duration: 1 day

Course overview
Supervision is a crucial process to support and develop the knowledge, skills and values of an individual or team and when conducted effectively will improve the quality of their work to achieve agreed objectives and outcomes. This one day workshop is designed for new or aspiring team leaders, and aims to provide participants will the skills and tools to carry out effective supervision meetings as part of a wider performance development system.

Course content
· What is supervision
· The elements of supervision
· The functions of supervision for staff, teams and organisations
· Supervision systems and processes
· Supervisory relationships
· How to develop, maintain and review practice and performance through supervision

· To understand the purpose of supervision and have a clear model of practice
· To be able to understand how to develop effective supervisory relationships
· To be able to use a range of skills that could be applied in supervisions
· To understand the importance of setting effective performance targets and measures.
· To have considered, discussed and understood the importance of effective feedback skills
· To understand the role of effective coaching and delegating to improve performance

Team leaders who wish to refresh or enhance their supervisory skills; those about to move into a junior managerial role; anyone who is currently in a supervisory role.

Delegates should familiarise themselves with their current employer's policies and practices around supervision and any templates used for conducting supervisions.


Managing Appraisals & Effective Supervision