Advantages of eLearning

The Advantages of eLearning

Cost Effective

eLearning is one of the most cost effective ways of delivering learning material to groups of workers, especially for organisations that have a large number of employees. This method of delivery is especially useful when you want to deliver consistent content for mandatory and compliance training, including; Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity, Infection Control and Health and Safety.

Delivering training through eLearning will also eliminate costs associated with trainer fees, travel and accommodation, administration, certification and learning assessments.


As eLearning can be undertaken on most mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and phones, it is a very mobile method of learning. Learning can be undertaken at work, in transit, at home and at any time of the day or night. Whilst training was once undertaken in a training room, the whole world can now be your classroom. Please check our Technical Requirements to ensure that you will be able to run our eLearning on your device.


eLearning can be undertaken at times that are convenient to the learner and can be completed in bite sized pieces to fit around an individual’s schedule. Unlike scheduled and in-house training, you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to the training, instead you can set the amount you want to do when you have the time.

Tailored by you

The completion of eLearning courses can be personal and tailored. For example, if you already know a particular area well and don’t need to spend an hour on it again, you can skip over it and concentrate on areas you need to focus on. Individuals can learn what they want and at their own pace, a learning method that only eLearning can provide.

Technologies that deliver

eLearning is a dynamic and engaging method of learning and the possibilities are endless. Central eLearning uses the latest technologies to deliver contemporary and essential learning through multi-media case studies, reflective practice exercises, quizzes, bite-sized chunks of learning and an end of course assessment. All the learning material can be revisited as often as needed to ensure the learning is embedded for all learners.

Popularity of eLearning

In the CIPD’s 2015 Learning and Talent Development Study, 74% of companies reported using some level of eLearning with 91% of companies reporting it to be very useful when combined with other methods and nearly 75% of respondents saying it is essential for learning.

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