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Technical Requirements

Central E-Learning has been kept as simple and user friendly as possible to ensure a simple and smooth learning experience. To access the content of our programmes you will need the following:

  • A computer equipped with speakers or headphones to listen to the voice over and experience the multimedia content
  • An Internet connection - 56k modem, LAN or Wi-Fi
  • A current web-browser such as Internet Explorer 6+ with javascript enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or above
  • A PDF reader

There are many options for current web-browsers available on the Internet, however we recommend Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Apple Mac’s Safari.

We are aware that there is an accessibility problem with running our courses on Internet Explorer 10. If you experience this problem, please download either Firefox or Chrome.

Adobe Flash Player supports the content of our programmes and is available free of charge from their website.

A PDF reader is required to view additional documents to support your learning and to print your training certificates on successful completion of a programme. There are many free options for reading PDFs but Adobe Reader is available free of charge from their website.